Funding allows NGO’s like Nightingale Trust, and other NGO’s across the spectrum of services the best opportunity to serve in their areas of expertise.  The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is one of the leading funders contributing to this area of strength in our society.

At Nightingale Trust we are very grateful for the NLC’s contribution to our services. Through their funding we are able to sustain our mission that much more effectively. Their funding reaches beyond the organization and into the community where it is has most impact on the individual lives of those in need.

Nightingale Trust seeks unemployed people with a desire to improve. We offer training that gives these people comprehensive skills in home-based care. This training makes them more employable and giving them access to the job market and economic independence. With a job, these once unemployed people, now carers can offer their families and friends the fruits of their employment as we all expect, and more importantly they offer hope to other unemployed people.

Funders, like one of our current favourites the NLC, offer hope, change and a better future for all in our community and our country. To see more of what the NLC do, please visit their website at:

~ Feb 26 2018