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Our home care service falls under Nightingale Care Trust, and provides for tailor-made service in the comfort of your own home


Home Care Service:


Nightingale Care Trust provides care givers to assist in the comfort of your own home. Our care givers are trained in basic nursing care and home management (i.e. can assist with minor housekeeping tasks and preparation of snacks/light meals, etc) although the main focus of our service remains basic nursing care.

We will only place care givers that we have trained ourselves – i.e. the Nightingale Trust 3-month Home Based Care course. The course also includes workshops that add value to our service, namely Alzheimers, Dementia and medical emergencies in the home.

The way our service works is that a registered nurse will conduct the initial client assessment, and will then place a care giver(s) based on your requirements. We handle all the placements, contracts, etc, and invoice on a monthly basis. (Our invoicing timeframe runs from mid-month to mid-month).

There is an initial assessment/placement fee, and thereafter the nurse will conduct monthly supervision visits at no additional charge. Please note that if you call us for an assessment, but don’t make use of our service, the initial fee is still payable.

The care givers will work according to a duty roster and care plan, and are required to complete a report book at the end of each shift (so an accurate record of care is kept). Our nurse is there to ensure that the care givers are performing according to standard, not to provide medical assistance to the client. Any such services still need to be referred to the client’s physician.

In this respect the care givers have a specific scope of practice, which the nurse will advise the client of during the assessment visit (e.g. a care giver may not give medication, but can supervise that the client takes said medication if it is set out in a weekly pill container; the care giver is not equipped to treat advanced/open bed sores, but can provide pressure part care to relieve pressure points with the aim of avoiding bed sores, etc).

Our care givers will bring their own food/drinks to work; and must adhere to a strict uniform policy and code of conduct.

Please note that we do not work through medical aids at all.

Should you have any further questions feel free to contact us. If you require our service, our Administrator will assist you in scheduling an assessment visit with our registered nurse.


Advantages Of Our Service:

Here are some of the advantages that our service provides:

  • We only place Care-givers we have trained ourselves, thereby creating a relationship with that staff member, and knowing what her capabilities and strengths are. We can then accurately match care giver with client
  • Our registered nurse conducts an initial assessment, and draws up a care plan for the care giver so that she knows exactly how to care for the client
  • The registered nurse conducts monthly supervision visits
  • Nightingale Trust handles all the labour law issues, as we have:
    • a contract of employment with the care giver
    • a service agreement with the client
  • A home care reliever is provided should a client’s regular Care-giver be unavailable
  • We have a very strict code of conduct for our Care-givers
  • The care givers bring their own food to work
  • Clients can reach us telephonically 24/7 on 082 969 0164


Feedback From Clients:

Clients have had the following feedback about our service:

“Thank you for the amazing professional attention and care we have received from the moment of assessment of the patient’s needs and placing of two very special carers, both of whose work ethic and personalities uphold everything advertised!”

“We have a caregiver from Nightingale Trust looking after our elderly parents – we get reliable, affordable, professional care, with regular supervision from the Trust. Thank you.”

“Thanks for a wonderful service provided to those who need their help. The carers are kind, helpful, well trained and the nursing excellent. It is a pleasure to work with the friendly and reliable office staff who are very understanding, supportive and prompt in attending to the needs of their clients. I recommend Nightingale Trust.”

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