Home Based Care Training

Training Approach:


This is a specifically-designed, non-accredited training course which provides learners with comprehensive skills in home based, basic nursing care and home management, with the aim of making them employment-ready.

We provide outcomes based training and focus on participative learning. We believe in small classes, and run our courses with 20 learners as our focus is on quality training. This enables the facilitators to provide individual attention to each of the learners.

Our programme’s aim is to build up the self-confidence of the learners. Experience has taught us that individual attention builds self-confidence and allows for greater opportunity for growth. It also allows the facilitators to pick up on any areas where a learner may have difficulties, which in turn can be concentrated on.

The training programme is comprehensive and incorporates Basic Nursing Care and Home Management, covering topics such as: role of the Care Giver, rights of the patient, the essentials of patient care (basic nursing care procedures), hygiene, nutrition and basic meal preparation.

The course consists in part, of theoretical training, including three specialised workshops on medical emergencies in the home, HIV/AIDS, Dementia and Alzheimers. The remainder of the course is spent at special needs care and/or frail care facilities in order to gain practical experience.

This training course is suitable for home based care of the seriously ill, frail, elderly as well as for persons suffering from chronic diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB, cancer, etc).

Course Duration:

The duration of the training course is 3 months, on a full time basis.

Each learner who successfully completes the course has the opportunity to celebrate at a small graduation ceremony with their fellow learners, and a special guest speaker. They receive a certificate and have a candle light ceremony with a pledge reading.

Entry Requirements:

The course is presented in English. Learners are therefore required to be able to communicate (write and speak) in English. Typically, the minimum requirement for Communication Literacy is Grade 9, although all prospective learners will be evaluated during the registration procedures.

Registration Costs:

A registration fee is payable by each learner. This is payable in cash on the day of registration, and covers the application test and interview. Registration is done at the Nightingale Trust premises.

The learner will be informed telephonically at the close of the registration period whether they have been accepted onto the next course, after which the course fees become due.

Please note that registration takes place only at certain times of the year. Prospective learners are placed on a waiting list, and will be contacted when registration for the next course starts.

Course Costs:

The full training cost to be paid before first day of training. This will be enforced regardless of whether the learner drops out or does not meet the minimum requirements regarding attendance, passing homework/tests/summative assessments, which may disqualify them from continuing with training.

The course fee includes the following:

  • All training materials and handouts
  • Part of the uniform required for practical training (one white shirt, one navy coverall and one name badge).
  • Certificate, once the course has successfully been completed

The course fees do not include:

  • taxi/transport fare to class and practical training
  • refreshments/lunch during class or while on practical training
  • the balance of the uniform (such as trousers/skirt, shoes, etc)
  • stationery (pens, pencils, exam pad and three 72pg exercise books)

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